Co-creating a culture in which we achieve excellent results creatively and amplifying freedom and responsibility is important to us. – Embrace Diversity.

Jan-Frederik Metje, Founder of AUIO

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Full-Stack-Developer:in (d/w/m)

For „ - the digital learning platform about neurodiversity“ - immediate contract.

About AUIO:

AUIO is a young charitable company in the heart of Berlin. Our mission is to bring life experience and scientific knowledge about autism and neurodiversity together and make it available – with a freely accessible video learning platform – as well as interactive workshops. In this way we will encourage all people to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

Your tasks:

Your profile:

Your responsibilities:

As a Full Stack Developer in this project you have the task to build and develop our digital learning platform Your important role is to provide a framework for the videos from the production team. Together we will be developing software solutions for attractive and accessible online courses. In this process you will be responsible for the technical realisation at all levels - in an agile way. Furthermore you will coordinate all the tasks around platform developing with freelancers and volunteers.

Our culture:

Co-creating a culture in which we achieve results creatively and self-determined is very important to us.

You will be working in this project in a neurodiverse, interdisciplinary team together with six people from different branches: psychology, film production, video animation, public relations and project management. In addition 30 volunteers of different perspectives are supporting us. Regular retrospectives help us deal constructively with potential conflicts and to get better as a team. We work iteratively and in cooperation with our different target groups. Our aim is to design an online course that encourages and enables people to handle real-life challenges and shape an inclusive society.

The job is financed by project funds, so the salary is based on the collective agreement of public service pay category E13 and is limited to one year. We are making every effort to get follow-up funds to continue working together.


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