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Videos about autism for everyone!

Awesome you're here!

AUIO aims to empower autistic people, their friends, families and colleagues to have happier, healthier and more meaningful lives – and to create a more inclusive society.

The videos on the AUIO social platform offer practical advice and guidance to improve mutual understanding, develop self-competence and unlock talents.

Our mission

Spread knowledge about autism
Connect people
Improve mutual understanding
Overcome stereotypes and prejudice
Increase self-competence
Improve communication skills
Improve quality of life
Unlock talents

Our method

Videos about autism
Fun to explore
Practical advice and guidance
Experience and stories
Social Network

Coming soon

Our videos are for you!

Understanding takes two sides. That's why we're also creating videos especially for neurotypical people to help them being more empathic towards autistic perspectives.

Together we can do amazing things, if we question what we take for granted and relate to one another in a fresh way.

Autistic people

Everyone on the autism spectrum.

Friends and family

Relationships, acquaintances, parents, siblings and so on...

Curious people

People who want to learn to understand themselves and others better.


People who take professional responsibility for others.

We need your support!

We want to do this right to help as many people as possible. Therefore AUIO needs your support!


Ideas, feedback, volunteering


Help with fundraising


Tell people about our project or tell us who we should meet.

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