The team attaches great importance to inclusion and diversity, because it sees great potential to develop more innovative solutions and grow as a person. The respectful interaction with different people is a matter of course within the team.

Gründer von Jan-Frederik Metje

Jan-Frederik Metje

Creative Director / CEO

Team-Mitglied Christin

Christin Freitag

Film Director

Team-Mitglied Natalie

Natalie Bergschwinger

Project Management

Team-Mitglied Juelz

Juelz Zenner

Community Management

Team-Mitglied Kathy

Kathy Würbs

Illustration & Animation

Team-Mitglied Maximilian Marbe

Maximilian Marbe

Project Management

Team-Mitglied Lara

Lara Surrey

Psychologist / Content Work

Team-Mitglied Jonatan

Jonatan Bürgermeister

Platform Development

Foto aus Kreuzberg – Platzhalter für Beirat

+ Advisory Board

Sally Maria Ollech
Dirk Müller-Remus
Christian Kraus
Gruppenfoto von Freiwilligen

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"I had the idea for the video learning platform shortly after I was diagnosed with Asperger autism. At that time I was 27 and I was going through a life crisis - all my life I had spent a lot of energy hiding my special features.

The diagnosis was for me the last piece of the puzzle that was missing to better accept both my weaknesses and my strengths. Since then my life has been on the upswing again. With the platform I would like to bring together various perspectives in order to help others to lead a self-determined, successful life."
– Jan-Frederik, Founder of AUIO

(Unfortunately the video is only available in German so far)