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We see a huge potential in diversity and inclusion to find more innovative solutions and to grow as human beings. We are kind to one another.

Jan-Frederik Metje

Creative Director / CEO

Lisa Henjes-Kunst

Media education + project management

+ volunteers

More than 30 volunteers support AUIO.tv.


Let's create a more inclusive society together!

Become part of one of our volunteer teams!

Your abilities and passion can help AUIO.tv to reach the goal: creating a more inclusive society. These are the main areas where you can make a difference:


Video production



Our founders motivation

"The idea for AUIO came up shortly after I was diagnosed with autism – Asperger's syndrome. I was 27 at the time and was in crisis – all my life I had needed a lot of energy to hide my peculiarities.

The diagnosis was the last missing piece of the puzzle, which I needed in order to accept not only my weaknesses, but also my strengths. Since then my life has improved. Through the platform I want to connect diverse perspectives – together we can empower others to have happier, healthier and more meaningful lives."
– Jan-Frederik, Founder of AUIO

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