Welcome to another world!

Our perception is as individual as our fingerprint. If our worlds of experience are very different, it is a challenge to get in touch with each other. But it is also an untapped treasure chest of potentials and possibilities.

This course takes you on a journey into the world of autistic people.

Unsere zwei autistischen Hauptcharaktere füttern Enten.

What can autism be? (I)

Media often draw a distorted picture of autism - between savantism and mental disability. We show the diversity of what autism can be and give an insight into a diverse spectrum.

Unsere zwei autistischen Hauptcharaktere stehen vor einer Wand im Regenbogen Design.

Autistic perception - New worlds (II)

What happens in the brain with autism has not yet been fully researched. We are exploring possible explanations and going on a journey through the range of autistic perception and how it shapes thinking.

Ein Versuch, zwischen zwei Menschen eine Brücke zu bauen.

"Hello, how are you?" - Communication and misunderstandings (III)

Communication is one of the most complex processes in interpersonal relationships. The more different our perceptions and our perspectives are, the more difficult it is to really get in touch. What influence does autism have on the way we communicate? We show which misunderstandings can arise from different perceptions and how it is possible to establish contact anyway.

Ein autistischer Mann umarmt sich selbst und ist glücklich.

Autistic needs (IV)

What needs arise from the intensity of autistic perception? What happens in an overload situation when the amount of stimuli becomes too much? We dive into the autistic perspective of a meltdown and look at the consequences of a permanent overload. What strategies are there to deal with overload?

Ein autistisches Mädchen streckt die Arme aus. Aus ihrem Kopf und ihren Armen strahlen bunte Wellen.

Strengths (V)

Our social environment has a stronger influence on the development of our abilities than we might generally think. Many of the characteristics of autism become strengths or weaknesses depending on the context, the environment in which they are embedded.

Drei Personen reden miteinander, jeder denkt in anderen Formen.

Autistic behaviour (VI)

Autistic behaviour can often seem strange or incomprehensible to non-autistic people. We give an overview of the different behaviour patterns of autistic people and explain their function in dealing with the intensity of our own perception.

Eine Person präsentiert etwas anhand einer Gehirn-Skizze.

The tough road of research (VII)

The history of research on autism is marked by many contrasts and conflicting theories. The many contradictions show above all that we are still at the beginning of decoding what autism is.

Ein Junge und ein Mädchen winken vor einem bunten Hintergrund.

Neurodiversity (VIII)

The world as you see and experience it is unique. Every person has his own perception of the world and makes his own experiences in it. Even autistic people, just like people with ADHD, giftedness, high sensitivity or dyslexia experience the world around them differently. We call this diversity neurological diversity or neurodiversity.

Eine Gruppe im Stuhlkreis am diskutieren.

Distorted images - The societal view of autism (IX)

Research has led to many distorted images of autism and has strongly shaped the societal view. We would like to shed light on what exactly these images are and how they affect autistic people and their families.

Ein autistisches Mädchen streckt die Arme aus. Aus ihrem Kopf und ihren Armen strahlen bunte Wellen.

The Autism Diagnosis (X)

Getting the autism diagnosis can be a great relief. However, it is often associated with many fears and excessive demands. We talk about diagnostic criteria and hear about the impact the diagnosis has had on the life of an autistic person.


What if?

Understanding the differences in our perception, thinking and feeling is a chance for all of us to understand ourselves better. At the same time, new windows open into other realities that were previously closed. Let us go on this voyage of discovery.

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