Hey! This is where our first online course on autism basics will be created.

What is Neurodiversity?

Every brain functions differently and this has an impact on our lives. Neurodiversity describes this diversity.



There are many different perspectives from which one can define autism. Autism describes a different way of thinking, feeling and perceiving than most people do.



The sensitivity can be significantly higher or lower on different sensory channels. This can lead to barriers in everyday life, but also to special talents.



Processing in the autistic brain works differently. Some speak of a different "operating system" with strengths and weaknesses.



Autistic people have weaknesses in intuitive social interaction. Our peculiarities can sometimes be visible from the outside. But often they remain invisible, as many of us develop strategies to avoid attracting attention.

Overview of the courses

On the next page you will find an overview of the topics in this online course.

Overview of the courses
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